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Our "Baby Wellness" is a fabulous start-up pack that includes natural, organic products which will naturally help soothe and calm babies and kids alike, and offer assistance in the management of colds, coughs, teething and colic.

Hamper Contents:

Absolute Essential | Twinkle Star Essential Oil 10ml

This bedtime blend is carefully crafted to encourage the calmness and relaxation necessary for deep sleep; it may also help settle babies and children after bad dreams. Add to the bath, for diffusion, or with massage cream for a loving caress. Only use as directed.

Absolute Essential | Baby Care: Nose & Chest 10ml

A carefully crafted formulation that works in harmony with baby's body to support natural processes of oxygen flow. Baby Care: Nose & Chest contains absolutely pure ingredients that will help clear mucus congestion and assist healthy breathing. Suitable for diffusion, inhalation and bath. Directions are age specific, only use as directed.

KIWIHERB | Kid's Calm 50ml

Kid's Calm is a delicious tasting syrup made with organic, herbal ingredients to help calm irritable or over-excited infants and children. It will also help soothe colic, gripe, wind and upset tummies in babies. Kid’s Calm contains certified organic Chamomile, a herb proven to be effective for the treatment of digestive upsets and to promote calmness. Directions are age specific, only use as directed.

Weleda Baby | Teething Powder 60g

Weleda teething powder is designed to offer relief from discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies. This wonderful product uses organic, sustainable chamomile as main ingredient to help calm and soothe.

With each gift pack we include a complimentary plantable card handwritten with your personal message. The cards are handmade from recycled paper by Seed Paper Australia and are embedded with daisy seeds. 

PLEASE NOTE: Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.

The products in this pack are:

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